Body Language Coaching and Business Communications Training

Human interaction is built on much more than the spoken word. Without us even being aware of it, our perception of others is formed largely on the physical mannerisms they display whilst speaking with you or listening to you. Whether it is the connection we have with family members or a professional business relationship, learning the facts and strategies behind body language can improve the way you communicate with others.

Develop your professional communication skills with in depth training

Often the most effective form of business relationship coaching is workshops and large scale presentations, where participants can experience and practice strategies on all different scales. Allan Pease frequently presents communication skills training, workshops and seminars in conjunction with the world’s leading business and marketing organisations.

Unlocking the meaning behind physical mannerisms and the strategies that can be used, Allan assists those looking to improve their communication skills in the workplace and on a personal level. Some of these seminars are at open conferences and universities, and as such are open to the public. They are a great opportunity to experience world class professional communication training at a cost effective rate. They are also a good way to get a preview of his unique and engaging style before booking speakers for private workshops for your own organisation.

Change your perception of interaction

Allan’s fast moving, highly entertaining presentation is guaranteed to impress, inspire and educate, leaving attendees feeling motivated and seeing the world through different eyes. From boosting business communications to build stronger, more cohesive teams, to landing that dream job by nailing the first impression test in an interview, knowledge gained through an Allan Pease seminar will lead to the creation of important life skills.

Contact for more information

If you would like more information on Allan’s public events, including his signature body language training, workshops and coaching, please contact the Pease International team.