Talk language


Talk Language tells you how to understand what people are really saying, and why. Words represent only a small part of the information transmitted in conversation: just as important are circumstances and body language. TALK LANGUAGE shows how to decode a wide range of everyday signals so you can get the message or intentions a speaker is really conveying – whether intentionally or not.

It gives many examples of everyday conversational phases and what they really mean.

For example –

  • ‘Unique opportunity to purchase’ means ‘We are having difficulty selling’
  • ‘With all due respect’ means ‘I have no respect for you’
  • ‘Believe me’ means ‘You probably won’t but I don’t care’

Talk Language helps you express yourself clearly and concisely – and to interpret other’s intentions if they do not reveal them. Its message can be applied to almost every facet of everyday life.

In Business:

  • How to sell better
  • How to make intelligent buying decisions
  • How to resist being manipulated
  • How to relate better to your associates, customers or boss
  • How to handle criticism constructively

In your personal life:

  • How to start a conversation and keep it going
  • How to deliver sincere compliments
  • How to avoid fights
  • How to understand the body language of the opposite sex
  • How to let other people know who you are

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