10 Tips to Boost your Confidence

10 Tips to Boost your Confidence

1.Boost Your Knowledge Daily

Learn something new every day. Every year, learn a new skill to make yourself a more confident, capable and interesting person. Read THE ANSWER by Allan and Barbara Pease.

2. Believe in You – Never Doubt Yourself

The little voice that tells you you’re going well (or not) is a powerful force. And you can teach it what to say. Challenge any negative thoughts. Motivate yourself in the same way that you’d motivate your friends when they need it.

3. Find a Mentor

Find someone who is like the ‘you’ you aspire to become. Ask that person to guide you and advise you.

4. Set goals like a pro

Successful people set handwritten goals and review them constantly, updating and changing them daily. Visualising end results encourages you to overcome obstacles and roadblocks.

5. Celebrate Your Wins

You got up early this morning with a plan for the day. Tick. You exercised to start your day. Tick. Celebrate the small victories to build confidence and start feeling good about yourself.

6. Learn to Network

Networking is the gateway to opportunities: the more you network the more creative ideas you accumulate. If you think networking doesn’t come naturally to you, remember that it is a learnable skill. Read EASY PEASEY: People Skills for Life by Allan and Barbara Pease.

7. Do What You Want
When you’re writing the story of your life, make sure you’re the one holding the pen.

8. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations work by programming the RAS inside your brain to look for opportunities to reach your goals. Make this a daily habit and watch how your dreams come to life.

9. Treat Failures as Stepping Stones

Embrace your failures and be prepared to learn from them. Fear is normal – the key is to take your fear and let it motivate you. When you treat failure as a stepping-stone, it becomes a signal to keep moving forward.

10. Work on Your Body Language

Body language accounts for 60 – 80 % of the impact you make on others when you’re face to face. When you use confident body language others perceive you as confident and you feel more confident as well. READ THE DEFINITIVE BOOK of BODY LANGUAGE by Allan and Barbara Pease.

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