The Answer: How to discover what you want from life then make it happen

If you’ve ever wondered what prayer, goal setting and visualisation have in common, this book will explain in simple terms the science that puts your success and dreams within your control.


In The Answer Allan & Barbara Pease reveal the secret of the Reticular Activating System (RAS), hidden in your brain, that allows you to achieve anything.

"If you can imagine it, you have it in you to do it."

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what should I be doing with my life’, ‘what career should I choose’, or ‘how do I find my passion’, then
The Answer will give you a practical guide to decide what you really want in life, then make it happen.

"When writing the story of your life, make sure you're the one holding the pen."

When you understand your own limitless possibilities and see the principles in The Answer come to life, you’ll have a system to achieve what you want – a system that you can repeat over and over again to lead an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

"Decide WHAT, not HOW you will do something."
The Answer Book
Sharing all of the techniques and wisdom learned over a lifetime, Allan & Barbara show you how to:
  • Decide what you really want and how to get it
  • Set and action clearly defined goals
  • Avoid being manipulated by dream-stealers and emotional vampires
  • Overcome obstacles and roadblocks
  • Take control for your life circumstances
  • Apply the art of visualisation and the power of affirmations effectively
  • Deal with stress, fear and worry
  • Never give up

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From an early age most people are conditioned to please others instead of themselves. As adults, this often translates into being stuck in a job they don’t like or with a partner they no longer connect with because they’re often listening to the opinions of others and end up doing what society, family or friends expect of them, rather than marching to their own drum.

Every person has the seeds of greatness inside them, but few people realise it. And even if you do know it, how do you make it all happen? The Answer pulls together most of the ideas and strategies people may already know, for example, The Law of Attraction, The Universe, Goal-setting, Prayer, the Yin & Yang and so on. Then we tie it in with the science of the brain to explain why and how these things work. The Answer gets enormous results and gives the evidence that many people demand in order to believe or understand something. The Answer gives scientific proof and then shows the reader how to achieve anything they want. 

We share how we have used the techniques in The Answer to produce our IVF children, to overcome depression, fight cancer and many other areas of our own lives. 

The amazing feedback and stories we have received from readers around the world is testament to the powerful and life-changing techniques in The Answer. We’ve had readers writing to us from Moscow to Paris, to Quebec, Tehran and Sydney sharing their stories about how they’re now moving in new directions with their lives and finally doing what they really want to do.  – Barbara Pease

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