How to ignite your passion and take action on your goals.

ignite your passion

How to ignite your passion and take action on your goals.

How to ignite your passion and take action on your goals.

Most people struggle with questions such as ‘how to you define success?’; ‘who do you want to become?’; or ‘what do you want to experience?’.

And yet, everyone knows the feeling of wanting to do something more, be more, or make a difference in the world. We all want to live life to the full, but sadly, most people have never learned how to plan for the life they imagine or decide for themselves what they really want.

If that sounds familiar, don’t wait for a New Year to tick over. Read on for a ‘how to’ guide, extracted from The Answer.

How to ignite your passion

When you were born you were absolutely clear on what you wanted in life and you refused to let anyone or anything stand in your way of getting to it. If you were hungry, you cried loudly until someone fed you. When you could crawl you fearlessly headed for the door, a toy or a pet you wanted and no one was going to stop you. So what happened between childhood and adulthood? For most, it’s habitual conditioning of the RAS by often well intentioned parents that trains our brain to be compliant to the demands of others.

Fast forward to now. Deciding what you want and discovering what ignites your passion, your desire to get out of bed each day, is the first step to having the life you want.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Write down anything you think you may want to do or achieve, regardless of how trivial it may seem to anyone else.

2. Think about only what you do want, not what you don’t want. And under no circumstances do you think about how you will do something. The how will come later.

3. Create a goals book and add images and text that describes exactly what you want. Look at it every day.

4. If you don’t already love what you do for a job, ask yourself ‘what is the one thing I would do for free?’

How to take action on your goals 

Once you have a great, long list of goals you want to accomplish, it’s time to define them clearly and determine what’s important now and what you might do later or need to research further.

Rewrite all your list items under three columns with the headings A, B, and C. Items marked A are things you are sure you would like to achieve soon. Items marked B are also significant but you’ll need more time to think about it before you consider making a commitment. The C items are things you feel might be fun or challenging to attempt but you don’t have enough information yet to be sufficiently motivated to upgrade them to the B or A lists.

Always state your goals in the positive. ‘I will way 60 kilos at the end of June’, for example. Make your goals tangible; test drive the car you want, read a story about the place you want to visit, or volunteer somewhere to get a taste of what your goal will feel like to achieve. 

Next, add a deadline. A deadline is to your goals what the trigger is on a gun. It will force you to move forward and work hard to reach your goal. 

Now, here comes the important part:

Take action. The reason most people don’t do more with their lives is because they are always busy getting ready to get ready. Yesterday you probably said ‘tomorrow’. The right time will never come. Start now. Because now is all you have. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. 

Still want more?

Massive action happens when you invest the time in yourself to plan, be with like-minded people, and invigorate your passion. If you’d like to join Allan and Barbara for the life-changing VIP Weekend, where you can learn, decide, and leave with a plan, then contact us today.

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This is what our VIPs say… 

Brendon and I attended the weekend with the intention to become more clear on our way forward in our business. We have walked away with even more clarity, a spring in our step and solid goals that we are super excited ( and a little scared) to achieve. We also gained a lot of insight into our relationship and how we can support each other even more.  Absolutely priceless what we have gained as a couple and business owners. THANK YOU xx
Emma Walkinshaw

Can’t believe that it was 12 months ago that we were on the beautiful Sunshine Coast at Allan and Barbara Pease retreat. What a life changing weekend that was! During the past 12 months by applying the the rules of the R.A.S. Allan and Barbara shared with us, my life has changed for the better. When I go back to look at my notes and what I wrote in my book a lot of what I had written has actually happened.
Lee Ryan

The VIP Weekend is a weekend to make you think differently, smile, dream, connect and you will walk away with something that will change your life from that day forward. Thank you for shining your light so brightly to show us the way.

It’s honestly the best weekend workshop I’ve attended in my work life.
Craig Kelly

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The Answer
29th & 30th October 2022

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  • How to decide what you want from life
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  • How to use affirmations and visualization effectively
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If you would like to experience a VIP Weekend, this is your last chance. Please email or call us today. Ph 07 5445 5600 / e:

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