How to stay +POSITIVE+ in a crisis

How to stay +POSITIVE+ in a crisis

As a mother of 3 and step mum of 3, I know something about crises.

But this one is big.

Our business has stopped overnight. There are no seminars. And no more commercial tenants in our buildings. We recently finished a brand-new residential project – just in time for open homes to be cancelled. I’m supporting my eldest son through self-isolation, running supplies back and forth after he became swept up in the midst of border closures and travel restrictions while on business. I have two younger kids at home – permanently. Now I find myself trying to adjust to a new world. It’s a big test for all of us. Here is what I know works…

We all know something about crises.

You too have faced circumstances beyond your control.  When the future is uncertain and everything seems to be in disarray – understandably for many people – panic sets in.

It’s life.

But we can stay positive and get on with life. How? I’ve been asked by friends and colleagues recently what keeps me so positive in the current crisis. And there are three things I tell them to do:


Sit somewhere where you can be alone and uninterrupted for 10 minutes. Have your journal or a piece of paper and pen handy. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take several slow, deep breaths in and out through your nose. Relax your head shoulders and neck muscles.

Now think back to times in your life when you’ve succeeded through something difficult. What did it feel like when you came out the other side? Were you proud of yourself, stronger as an individual, more alert an aware? Smarter?

What strengths and skills do you have that enabled you to get through?

Get as detailed as you can. You can even embellish your mental story.. what COULD you have done differently that would have helped?

Write down your thoughts as you go through this exercise. Stay as positive as you can by focusing on what you did well, learned, or gained through past experience.


Now look at your list of skills, experiences and wins. Imagine that this person you’ve written about is your best friend. Write a simple affirmation based on the skills and experiences you’ve written about.

Here are some examples:

I use my creativity to see opportunities everywhere.

I use my tenacity to never give up.   

Creativity is my superpower.

I am calm and I think clearly about my future.

I am agile and able to respond to my environment.


Re-write your personal affirmation. Put in your phone, on your bathroom mirror, in your journal – anywhere and everywhere you need to be reminded. Repeat it out loud or silently to yourself at least 20 times a day.

Decide that now is your opportunity to adapt and think creatively about the obstacles in front of you. And above all, remember there are always winners in every crisis. You can choose to be one of them.

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