Introducing PeaseMedia, a premier destination for film, television and sound production which brings creative multimedia projects to life.

With over four decades of experience in the fields of Human Communication, Body Language, and Personal Development, Allan & Barbara Pease used the Pandemic lockdowns to create the premier destination for film, television and sound recording on the Sunshine Coast, in Australia.

Pease Media brings together a collective of creative specialists, hand-picked for their diverse industry experience across music, sound, video, and story creation. These multi-purpose studios offer world class facilities with a variety of functional and inspiring spaces to cater for almost any creative video or sound project.

PeaseMedia is the perfect place for artists, content creators and musicians to capture their own creative visions and bring their projects to life.

PeaseMedia offers a full range of recording and production services for musicians, filmmakers, and content creators of all genres. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the studios are designed to provide an unparalleled recording experience. One of the unique aspects of PeaseMedia is that the studios are run by a team of experienced producers and creative minds who will assist clients throughout their entire production process.

Spacious recording rooms and a comfortable lounge area, with acoustically treated sound-treated rooms ensure that every recording is crisp and clear.

The film and television recording studio is equipped with BlackMagic cameras, pro-lighting and audio gear and the unlimited magic of a 10-metre curved green screen, special effects, and animation capabilities. PeaseMedia also offers a variety of musical instruments and equipment so artists can bring their own unique sound to their recordings.
Whether the artist is a seasoned professional or just starting out, the team at will be there to guide every step of the way.
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