Prof. Allan Pease turns 71

Prof. Allan Pease turns 71

We asked Allan about some of the standout moments of his career, and his answers are, as usual, very entertaining!

Turning 71 for some may indicate slowing down or shifting down a gear, not for Allan Pease, who is still as passionate and full of life as ever – and firing on all cylinders!

“There is always something life has to offer. It’s up to each of us to decide what we want in our future, not be led by others who aren’t happy with their own life choices”.

Anyone who meets Allan can see, much like his wife and business partner Barbara, he chooses an ageless approach to life. “Just because there’s another candle on your cake, doesn’t mean you should slow down. If anything, age provides wisdom and experience, two fabulous ingredients for living an interesting and fulfilling life. At some point, you stop living by others’ rules and expectations and start doing the things that make you smile.”

Allan is continuously learning, teaching, transforming, building and creating, which he credits as the ‘secret to keeping himself young’.

Allan’s most recent project – building Pease Media, a state-of-the-art multimedia TV, film and sound recording studio on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, came to life during Covid lockdown. PEASE MEDIA is now in full production, hosting sound recording, film/television productions, webinars, music production, podcasts and more.

Allan has been a global pioneer in Human Communication and Human Behaviour and has advised many high-profile people and celebrities how to interact and communicate their message effectively by understanding the impact of body language. So it’s not surprising that he’s often asked, ‘you’ve achieved so much success, why don’t you retire?’ “Retire?” he laughs. “Retire to what?! Retirement usually means you quit what you’re doing to go and do something else you’d really like. And for most men, retirement often means early death. When you do what you love everyday you will never have to work another day in your life. So retirement becomes irrelevant.

With such an accomplished and extraordinary life journey, we asked Allan to share some highlights and key moments from his career.

1. Allan, how do you stay passionate about the work you do?

I don’t see what I do as work. I love creating, educating, writing and giving people the tools they need to live a better live. You only work when you don’t have a passion for what you do. So, every day I wake up I jump out of bed…yes even at 71. I still do this every day. Life for me is about making sure at the end of the day I have achieved at least one item on my to-do list which will make a difference. Even when covid shut our conference business down I decided to create a new business in the middle of a rainforest we called Pease Media so that the world had another option to record, video and make educational programs. It’s a creative space for creative people. My world is about passion… I don’t do anything that I am not passionate about. Time is short so we need to make sure we live life to the fullest and have fun doing it.

2. What was the craziest thing that has happened to you on stage?

Power went out at the venue with 800 participants, but the show went on – so I had no slide presentation or microphone. just me on stage. Other speakers went home but accepted the challenge, and my show went on with a torch and a megaphone – and the audience loved it.

Once I was in a foreign country where like some of the things that I was teaching the audience were culturally misinterpreted and after the presentation I received a lashing with a cane instead of going to Jail.

When I was in Russia about 5 years ago, our Australian Prime Minister had upset Vladimir Putin so when I got on stage in Siberia one of the delegates came on stage and wanted to fight me. But other audience members tackled him and threw him out into the snow and asked me to keep going.

3. What was a standout moment for you where you realised the impact you make on others?

I rarely realise the impact that I have on people worldwide until I occasionally see them face to face and they tell me how I changed their lives or that they now have more effective relationships or that I changed their business life and made them financially successful. It feels exciting to have such an impact on people’s personal and business lives, making

them better and happier with life. I now have grandparents recommending my books and training programs to their grandchildren, which tells me that what I do will keep making the world a better place. Also, I was given 3 Interpnational professorships for the work that I have created which were a great honour. I have decided that as long as people want what I create, I’ll keep going.”

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