Podcast & Interview Guests

All-important first impressions

The five things you should never do in an interview (+ five things you should always do).

How seating arrangements can impact your success in a meeting

Body language tips for men and women at work

The art of handshaking

How to survive the office party (and other precarious social events)

How to deal with difficult people in the workplace

Persuasive presentations

Making people feel important

How to be a great conversationalist

How to make it easy for people to say “yes”

The 12 most powerful words you can use

How to deal with fear and worry

How to handle criticism in business (and how to give it)

How to talk to the opposite sex so they will listen to you

Experienced Media Guests

Why lust doesn’t last

How to handle rejection

Why men and women see love differently

What women really want

What men really want

Commitment – why a man should give a women an impressive ring

Seven simple things women find attractive in men

What a man will do for sex

Decoding manspeak

What turns men off about women

Why affairs happen

Why women play around less than men

Eight classic signs of a cheater (and how to handle a cheater)

How to find the right partner (and clues about Mr/ Ms Wrong)

Five common new relationship mistakes

How to detect openness (spotting hand gestures)

Why women are more perceptive

Submissive vs dominant body language

What’s in a handshake

Smiles and laughter

Why laughter is the best medicine

Smiles and laughter are a way of bonding (+ advice for women)

Arm signals + insecurity

The power of touch

Cultural body language (what’s the same and what’s unique)

Deceit signals

Eye signals

Territories and personal space

Experienced Media Guests

Visualisation: Mentally achieving your goals first

The secret of the RAS inside your brain

How to decide what you want in life

How to get what you want in life

Overcoming obstacles and roadblocks

Surviving cancer

Barbara’s IVF story

Our cryonics journey

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