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The Peases are the world’s best known Body Language and Human Communication experts. Allan is one of the world’s best conference speakers. Barbara is one of the best coaches.
Read what happy clients have to say.

“When Allan and Barbara Pease write, I read. And underline. And learn.
And laugh. And steal. Their books are marvellous!”
Tom Peters – In Search of Excellence

My name is Alina, I from Russia. I want to say you Thank you for your works and knowledge around all of the world. 🙏🏽❤️ I learned about you from A..A in Dubai. I worked in ForMagicLife. After interviews I read the book ANSWERS. It’s masterpiece, thank you so much. Every thought I wrote in notebook, I try to apply every day such as visualisations and affirmations.

The most important lesson from the book is to think WHAT you want, do not think about HOW to get. Next answers will come from different sources. I’m happy to know such a teacher. I wish you and Barbara good health, happy students around the world, harmony with your children and I wish you new ambitious goals. I hope we will see you and I’ll tell you THANK YOU. I love you ❤️

Alina, Russia

“Having time with Barbara who is absolutely amazing … I strongly recommend it to everybody.”

Matt Webber
Team Lead

“Barbara is able to very quickly and very very simply help clarify your thoughts and break things into bite size actions.”

Jeanette Allom-Hill
Telstra business women of the year

“I’m grateful for having Barbara Pease in my life..I’m grateful for Barbara being my coach, my friend for so many years, cannot praise her more.”

Gennady Polonsky
P​h.D in Economics Excecutive Vice-President of Global Operations at SimplyGrow

When Allan Pease entertained us at our staff breakfast, his message not only appealed but enriched the personal and professional lives of staff from the Chief Executive to the managers to the tradespeople and the greenkeepers.

Australian Jockey Club

This is the second time we have used Allan Pease – the first being 16 years ago – and we were just as impressed and delighted with his performance last week as we were all those years ago. His comedy style is hilarious yet very natural and his transition from comedian to MC is seamless and extremely professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending him or using him again.

Elgas Limited

Allan’s presentation  was of a very high calibre. I will always keep in mind the services of Pease Training International, and distribute any information from you to all divisions within the Motor Traders’ Association.

Motor Traders' Association of NSW

Thank you for your fantastic presentation at our recent seminar. You knocked ’em dead! I am sure that from now until the next time when the delegates see you again they will remember every part of your entertaining and powerful program.

Australian Battery Industry Assoc Ltd

Allan Pease can hold an audience for several hours and still be wonderfully interesting and entertaining. He does an exceptional job.

Master Builders Association

Once again our Annual Meeting is behind us and over 6000 members have grown because of the experience.

Million Dollar Round Table USA

The team found Allan to be highly engaging, relevant and informative about the topic of reading body language in the sales environment.

Fisher & Paykel

I have not laughed so much for so long! From the moment he started to the finishing comment, Allan completely captured the audience, and made them do the one thing we requested him to do… make them laugh.  A week later and staff are still talking about it!

Guidant Australia

Having such a diverse group of people from the Asia Pacific region can be a little daunting for any speaker. Your presentation was fun, exciting, inspirational, controversial, and a topic of conversation between participants for the next few days.

Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd

“As a financial advisor, Allan’s presentation helped me understand what my clients are really saying on the other side of the table, and most importantly, what I need to change in my own body language to ensure I have the best chance of success. There were plenty of laughs and if I had to run an event with another group, I would definitely book Allan again. Legend.”

Charles Stewart

“Hello you two geniuses, your books should be mandatory for all scholastic persons prior to entering the high school gates.”

“I truly believe the legal profession would be semi redundant as we as human beings would have so much more understanding of each other’s needs and wants.”

“The art of actual living together by knowing your partner and understanding them is so entertaining when you are in the know!” 


“The best book on body language available. I’ve read this book three times and always pick up new insights every time.” – Sage (Full review published on Amazon)

“Immediately after I started reading this book I began to notice the behaviors in myself and my colleagues. I think this book is more useful for reading people in social or personal situations because it is much easier to accurately read someone’s body language in a purer/ more natural state.” – B. Shamford (Full review published on Amazon)

“About 18 months ago I purchased your book “The Definitive Book of Body Language” as I was just beginning to understand the difficulty I had navigating my way through the lives of others. As someone diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of high functioning autism), I lived in relative obliviousness to nonverbal cues and when I did ponder the subject it was incredibly difficult to incorporate into my life and focusing on these elements of communication drained me greatly.

Your book really helped me overcome this handicap, not only because of the content held inside which has made it easier for me to recognize cues, but also in my awareness of the capacity of the world to come to the aid of those who need it. Once I read the book, I had my eyes opened to the idea that there were experts on this sort of thing and that I didn’t have to take this journey on my own; there were mentors I could turn to.”


“This collaborative book combines the skill and capacity of two authors to produce a book that not only empowers the reader to make life-long changes that will impact their life but to also allow the reader to give themselves the skills needed to make these changes, reflect upon these changes and make any necessary adjustments in order to achieve great results.” – Amazon Review

“I ruffled through my notes from The Answer session and was bowled over when I re-read what I had written down and what has happened in my life since. You have to get your hands on a copy of this book and use it. This book, as well as spending a weekend with Allan Pease [at the VIP Weekend] changed the direction of my life. And for that I am eternally grateful.” – Lee Ryan

“I read this amazing book in 4 days. I set my goals, wrote my affirmations, and I’m now on the path to achieve what I’ve always wanted. The book was a sensible, easily digestible, easy to apply, no nonsense book on how to achieve the things you want in life.  It offers clear neurological details about how we are wired and how we can use this to our advantage. I know it will have a big impact in my life.” – Fiona Blond

“Allan and Barbara Pease are acclaimed authors both in their own right.  This collaboration is a wonderful example of when two amazing people with talent come together.  The Answer is an easy-to-read book, that offers simple but thought-provoking advice on how to make better changes in our lives & realise that ‘The Answer’ is within us all but we have to unlock the subconscious mind to the conscious mind.” – Narelle Walker

Along with Dale Carnegie, writer Allan Pease is a legend, founder and pioneer of popular psychology for a wide range of people.

Дмитрий Устинов

Дмитрий Устинов
Trainer, Consultant

I am a 35 year old woman, married, living in New Zealand.  We have a mortgage and live on an annual salary of $60,000.  My husband and I have struggled with things such as infertility, we make a plan but never get started, we have no set goals, and then we blame each other but don’t really look at ourselves as individuals.

I found “THE ANSWER” at my local Salvation Army store.  As I read through the book, I immediately reflected on myself, my choices, how I will achieve what I wanted, and the secret of the RAS.  I started writing down my goals, and I began to use quotes inside the books as inspiration to my friends who asked for advice. I started to NOT think of the “HOW”, but to start on my goals. This book is like my everyday go-to book. I have read this book a thousand times now and never get tired of it.  A month ago, I managed to start on house renovations.

I can’t thank you enough, Allan and Barbara Pease. Your books have become an inspiration to my life, my career, my goals, my vision, and my values and my family.

Melissa Leaana

It was such a charging, teaching session! I admire you, you are so open and sincere. Thank you

Julia S

“There are so many lessons to be learned. I achieved what I wanted to – Barbara is absolutely


“I would fly anywhere in the world just to attend the session again.”

Mike Yichuan Li

“Professional and friendly. Collaborating with Pease International Ltd. increased business opportunities in Japan. The team is always reachable and I am always very happy to work with them.”


“Good morning Vicky, Thank you for organising an amazing weekend. I had a great time and the teachings and learnings were wonderful. I felt very privileged and grateful to be invited into Barbara and Allan’s private space. As arranged, I left my book pack there to be sent by post as I’m travelling light. I had Allan and Barbara sign 3 of the books so could you make sure the right pack is sent. Please let me know if you need details for payment of the freight.
Once again, many thanks for organising a great weekend. Best wishes”

Sigrid Gansoy

“Allan & Barb thank you so much guys and dolls for an outstanding weekend. Your honesty, openness, and wisdom, not to mention great looks (especially yourself Allan) was so very awesome. It’s honestly the best weekend workshop I’ve attended in my work life. And please thank the caterer for the magnificent food we were provided.”

Craig Kelly

“Barbara and Allan, I am still playing the DVD of the Answer you gave me as I travel through Queensland visiting my friends as well as the points of interest along the way – currently in the Surat Basin. By listening every day for hours on long trips I have been able to get my stress level down to 13 which is the score for being on holiday. Thank you for the books and for helping me to understand and put the 2 and 2 together and figure out the game of life.”

Saxon Newlove

“I feel settled and gratefully appreciate the one to one time with Barbara. I know our plans are right and we are on track to take the business to an international level. Thank you for a fabulous weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. “


“To anyone who wants to break through the wall. This is the course that will help you to achieve anything you want.”


“Thank you Allan and Barbara for an amazing weekend. So thankful to be in a small group with you both to help me more forward to achieve my goal.”


“The VIP weekend with Allan and Barbara Pease was very informative, doses of Pease humour, lots of fun. I walked away with more nuggets than you can get at KFC. Awesome learnings about others and myself. A must attend event for anyone looking to have a better understanding of others and communication types. If you’re in a couple you both must attend.”


“Hi Barbara and Allan,

Well we came away from the VIP Weekend with a decision in our head… to pack up and move to France (where we have a house) and where our heart is… to make the move before Christmas including transporting our boxes and 3 dogs, and selling our assets here! Our motorhome, gypsy wagon and car and trailer. We really don’t know how this is going to happen before then… but it will!

We are not worried about the how…. as we have our why!

This has been a fantastic journey to rediscovering what we really want and we’ll do everything possible to reach our ultimate goal…Our castle in France!

Life is such an interesting journey with all of its twists and turns and we are both really excited of what our future journey entails! We will keep in touch! Thanks again for the fabulous weekend! With great reflection and fantastic direction…. we are on our way!

With warm regards, Julie and Laurens Konings 🙂 🙂 “

Julie and Laurens Konings

“A great weekend, great people, great venue, great food, Allan & Barb were the perfect hosts.”

Greg & Hayden McLaughlin

Dear Barb and Allan, What an amazing weekend!! Thank you both so much. I have just gained so much knowledge which I’m so excited to apply in my life. I’ve never been to a workshop which is so comprehensive yet so simple to understand. I look forward to practicing!!

Karen Giulietti

“I can’t believe that it was 12 months ago that we were on the beautiful Sunshine Coast at Allan and Barbara Pease’s retreat. What a life changing weekend that was.

During the past 12 months by applying the the rules of the R.A.S. Allan and Barbara shared with us, my life has changed for the better. When I go back to look at my notes and what I wrote in my book a lot of what I had written has actually happened.

I made some wonderful friends and changed the course of my life for the better. I absolutely adore Allan and Barbara and am grateful they came into my life when I most needed them.  I am looking forward to going back to the Sunshine Coast for another retreat, why wouldn’t you when you get to experience a paradise like this.”

Lee Ryan

“A treasure chest of jewels and gems, reminders, as well as lots of new insights into everything one MUST know to live an inspiring and remarkable life!”


“Thank you Allan and Barbara… the VIP Weekend was so practically helpful and very entertaining. I look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt.”


“Awesome, informative, approachable, friendly, loads of informaiton about all sorts of topics that related to most people.”

Jo Matheson

“Allan and Barb Pease are so real. They have ‘The Answer’ to most questions about life, business and relationships. I would recommend their events to everyone.”

Chris Childs

“It was great to not only learn real stuff but after 30+ years in sales it was great to remember what I had forgotten.”

Jack Childs

“The VIP Weekend is a weekend to make you think differently, smile, dream, connect and you will walk away with something that will change your life from that day forward. Thank you for shining your light so brightly to show us the way.”


“Allan and Barbara are THE EXPERTS on people and success… anything to do with either they can help. Energising Weekend!”


“Warm and loving environment with a very personal feel to the whole weekend. I knew the content and delivery would be world class so everything else was a huge value add.”


“I would highly recommend a Pease Interntional VIP Weekend. It is both enlightening and powerful. This is my 2nd VIP Weekend and I am still learning new techniques to deal with people and setting goals.”


“Great weekend of learning and sharing, with a fantastic group of people. Allan and Barb are genuine, lovely, knowledgable people who passionately share their experiences and techniques with others.”


“Allan is a very dynamic speaker and Barbara is so friendly, conscientious and great with details. Thank you for opening your home, offering priceless insights one can only get in person. I have read Pease books before, but nothing compares to this unique event.”

Liara Covert

“I wanted to share with you my experiences after participating in the “”ANSWER VIP”” weekend. (It is nothing short of miraculous!!)

I had been working as a senior officer in the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, a job I believed would see me through to retirement age, I was so passionate about it. My role however was an acting one and once the department decided to make it permanent I had to apply for it – I didn’t get the position, I was now unemployed. So after 7 years of giving 110% to my job, I was at a complete loss and spiralled down into a tangled mess of hatred, no confidence, depression and anger. I was really struggling to pull myself out of it and I became quite reclusive.

After hearing Allan speak at a Think Money Wealth retreat something resonated with me, so I purchased the books and signed up of the VIP weekend. I already had a great understanding of the importance of goals and visualisation, but there was something missing.

I wanted to gain an insight into what it was I really wanted to do, so I thought – “”right, I’ll attend these two days and when I finish I’ll know what it is I want and where I am heading and all will be wonderful on Sunday afternoon when I leave and I’ll be good again”” – You know what – that didn’t happen for me. I loved the course and the hospitality and of course the amazing food! but when we were work shopping our goals I had absolutely no idea what I wanted for my career. I thought that being in the fire service was it and that was taken away from me. There was something that I just wasn’t getting.

I did not lose faith however and kept going over the conversations that I had with yourself and Allan (and I played the CD over and over in the car until I knew it word for word) the one thing that resonated with me was “”What is the one thing you love to do so much, you would do it for free?”” It started driving me mad, I just didn’t know.

Not long after the course finished Queensland experienced the worst bushfire season in history, I received a call from the Deputy Commissioner asking would I volunteer my time to travel to the Gladstone Region to work on the campaign in the Incident Management Team. There was no hesitation I was in. I worked 14 hour days for 7 days straight, I dealt with people who had lost everything, people who had been evacuated, I had to deal with the media, angry, scared people and exhausted fire fighters and I loved every single minute of it. I FOUND MY ANSWER – This is what I am meant to be doing.

So I had the answer and I knew that I must not think about the how – this is how the how turned out……….

On the 28th of November 2018 I sat down and wrote in my journal a story about how 2019 was going to turn out for me. A very big part of that was my career, I wrote that by the 14th of January I would be back working for the fire service, supporting communities with a project called “”My Resilient Community”” a project I had won a State Resilient award and a National award for. I detailed that I would sit at a desk with a big window and have a beautiful potted plant on my desk as well as photos of my family, I would travel across that state and would enjoy great success in implementing my project, I would receive a large amount of money for this work and would be extremely satisfied in my career.

This is where it gets really awesome:

On January 14 2019 I received a phone call from a chief Superintendent. She told me that the department was working on the review into bushfires and as part of implementing findings they would like to roll out my project into the affected areas and eventually across the state – “”Liane would you be interested in leading this project?, it will mean a lot of travel. We already have an office space for you – it’s my old office by the big window overlooking the courtyard””. HOW FREAKY IS THIS!!

So fast forward to March 4, this is the day I start my new role – its bigger and better that the one I had previously and it is just as I had envisioned it when I wrote the project.

After doing the VIP weekend I now know I am unstoppable.

Thank you Allan and Barbara – It was life changing.

Sincerely and gratefully Yours

Liane Henderson”

Liane Henderson

“Lots has happened since I started back at QFES, I had the ultimate goal of becoming an Inspector and believed with total certianty that I would achieve it. Within 6 weeks of starting back with QFES I applied for and Inpector role and I got it.

Doing the course with Allan and Barbara really did change my life.”

Liane Henderson

“I found The Answer weekend both inspirational and motivational. Allan was an amazing speaker using both anecdotes and humour to get the message across. The location was beautiful and welcoming.

It was lovely to meet the other participants and hear their stories. It was an amazing leveller, everyone is on their own journey and I believe we should be grateful for everyone that we meet along the way.

I am certainly grateful that I was able to attend this weekend and meet Barbara and Allan. Thank you again, Emma”

Emma Richards
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