The VIP Weekend will equip you with practical, life-tested strategies so you can make a plan and make your goals happen.


Do you wake up feeling energised and eager for the day?
Are you passionate about the work you do?
Are you and your partner aligned, connected and fulfilled?
Are you reading the signals people are sending, making the most of opportunities?
If not, we have The Answer.

We’ve created a ‘lock-down proof’ live, online event. From the comfort of your home, Allan and Barbara will teach you how to create extraordinary success, overcome obstacles, and get anything you want out of life!

world class keynote speaker

We invite you to join us for an enlightening weekend of learning and fun.

Join us for two half day sessions over a weekend where you will learn, laugh and ask the big questions of Australia’s most successful authors Allan and Barbara Pease.

Over the weekend, sessions are designed to get you 100% clear on where you want to go and how to get there.

"If you can imagine it, you have it in you to do it"

– Allan Pease

Your Hosts: Allan & Barbara Pease

We created the VIP Weekends to help people like you live an extraordinary life. There are many powerful techniques, learned over a lifetime of studying and teaching human communication, sales and motivation, that have enabled us to achieve things most people would think impossible… and that some don’t even dare to dream about.

The VIP Weekends give you skills you can put to work immediately. Our mission is to have each of our VIPs leave the event with a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and motivation!

We would love you to join us for a relaxed, fun, and enlightening weekend on our upcoming online event!

See you soon,

Allan & Barbara

Self-development Retreat

The VIP Weekend is designed to get you focused and into action!

What you’ll learn:

How to activate the RAS (reticular activating system) inside your brain to drive your success

Uncover your passions and motivations

Learn how to get more of what you truly want in your life

Take control of your life circumstances

Avoid manipulation and dream stealers

Learn to leave worry behind you and get on with your life

Overcome obstacles and discover a clear path forward

Many face to face events have been cancelled, so we have created a hybrid event where you can choose to join us in our studio on the Sunshine Coast, or online from the comfort of your ownhome from anywhere in the world. Use this time to be more productive than ever.

Now is your chance to design the life you really want.

Places are limited, be sure to join the waitlist for the next event.

Imagine Ticking Off Your Biggest Goals In Life

Change starts with action. Join other incredible VIPs to change your life and achieve goals you never thought possible!

Past VIPs’ Experiences

Just a few of the many lives Allan & Barbara have impacted through these retreats
Self-development Retreat

“I wanted to learn so much about human behavior and I wanted to learn so much about body language and you we’re the experts.”



Self-development Retreat

“I took the big step and signup for the Pease International VIP weekend and it had a huge impact of my life.”



Self-development Retreat

“Having time with Barbara who is absolutely amazing … I strongly recommend it to everybody.”



A Self-development Event Like No Other!

Join best-selling authors Allan and Barbara Pease in a small group and get real clarity about where your life is headed.
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