Why Men Don’t Have A Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes! Book (Hard Cover)

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Why are men clueless about romance, love and relationships? Why do they avoid commitment? Why do men tell lies to women and think they can get away with it? On the other hand, why do women cry to get their own way with men and why do women insist on talking a subject to death? And why do women need more shoes instead of more sex?


  • Secrets about sex your partner has never revealed.
  • Nine things women do that leave men dumbstruck.
  • Unravelling the seven biggest mysteries about men.
  • What men and women really want.
  • “Does this make my bum look big”- why men lie.
  • Why women cry – emotional blackmail.
  • Seven things men do that drive women insane.
  • The other women – his mother.
  • Nagging – when someone just won’t let up
  • When a hunter hangs up his bow. Retirement.

(Also available in eBook/Audiobook format.)

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