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Pease International : The World's Best Known Communication Skills Authors

Welcome to the Pease International home page.

With decades of combined study and experience, founders Barbara and Allan Pease are two of the world's foremost body language experts. Their combined 18 book titles span subjects from business communication and negotiation to relationships. As international communication authors, they frequently present both private and public workshops and seminars to the world's leading (and up-and-coming) professionals.

Pease International aims to transform the way that the world communicates and does business. As business communication authors, the Peases equip readers and clients with tools to present their message with optimal efficacy, as well as being mindful of the subtle cues given by others outside of written and spoken words. As leading body language experts, they teach the skill of reading & responding to the 90%+ of communication that is non-verbal. This invaluable skill applies powerfully to a range of situations, from negotiations and sales to relationships and love.

From this page you can purchase their digital products, order books, read more about their professional backgrounds, and enquire about booking Allan as a speaker at your next event. For any other details, please contact the Pease International team direct.

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