How to make Appointments by Telephone Program

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The classic Allan Pease Program converted to audiobook by popular demand.


Do you enjoy making ‘cold calls’? Most sales people dislike making cold telephone calls to make appointments.

When working with the telephone to make appointments, rejection is normal. If you had a system that you knew was going to give you ‘YES’ say 60% plus of the time, cold telephone calling would become a game. A very profitable, time saving and enjoyable game.

Due to popular demand, Allan’s How to Make Appointments by Telephone, has been converted and is now available in this audio + workbook program.

Allan Pease researches and studies the psychology of selling, relationships and human communication and has taught tens of thousands of people to sell globally. You now have the opportunity to learn the system that thousands have used around the world which help you get your foot in the door and get people to say ‘YES’.

Program includes 2 Audio files and a BONUS workbook.

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1 review for How to make Appointments by Telephone Program

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Thanks Allan and Barbara for the insights you share which are so relevant and immediately applicable. In this Program, Allan i loved the specifics. Many Programs tell you what to do and the principles of why you should be be doing whatever it is, and yours takes that a step further into the specifics of How. I loved the use of ‘this is’, ‘we find most people’, ‘drop by’ and ‘7 seconds’, as great takeaways. Isn’t it primarily FEAR that stops people picking up the phone to cold call and this Program presents a FEARLESS way to approach it.

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