Write Language Book (Hardcover)


No matter how many letters or emails you write, this book will help you communicate more effectively.

You’ll discover a book of powerful ideas and techniques that make certain your correspondence get read and acted upon. You’ll learn how to break away from the starchy, formal rules of yesteryear – rules which stifle effective communication.

Through many brilliant examples, you’ll find Write Language not only enjoyable to read, but a constant source ideas to life your letters to new levels of effectiveness. For you, there’ll be no more staring at a blank screen wondering how to start a letter. For you there’ll be no more clichés like ‘herewith our brochure for your perusal’ or ‘assuring you of our best intention at all times’ which kill written communication. Both in your business and in your personal life, you’ll discover Write Language is a unique and powerful book. It’s a superb investment.

This book shows:

  • How to persuade your readers to do what you want them to do
  • How to get a new job or a payrise
  • How to get immediate attention from your reader
  • How to write a letter of complaint to neighbours, business and government
  • How to build rapport and good relationships through letters
  • How to say what you mean – and get away with it
  • How to make money through letter writing

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